EN779 EN1822 ASHRAE 52.2 ISO 16890 Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Initial Pressure Drop (Pa) Air Flow (m3/hr) No of Pockets
G4 0 MERV 8 ISO Coarse 65% 592 592 292 65 3400 N/A
G4 0 MERV 8 ISO Coarse 65% 592 287 292 65 1700 N/A



HVAC,AHU,Commercial buildings

Filter Frame



Activated carbon pleatable media

Max Temperature (°C)


Recommended Final
Pressure Drop (Pa)


Related Products

Dust Collector

Spectra Dust Collector filter pad is  progressive density fiber glass  allows the pollutant to penetrate deep into the media, along with the harmless tackifier over the fibers arrest the pollutant and make it stick together. The filter pads can be constructed  with suitable frames depend on the use of the application. 

Spectra Cell TM

Ruggedly constructed, heavy duty, high efficiency filter. A special dual layer, graded density media ensures extremely high dust holding capacity & therefore lower operating pressure loss.

Spectra Microvee TM

Spectrum Microvee filters are rigidity constructed filters for coarse and fine particle capturing can be used as both primary and secondary stage filters depends on the class it is rated. The unique filter media is designed with layers of synthetic mesh that has  non-woven sandwiched in between. The pleats are V shaped and rounded well to increase the dust arrestance of filters. Media is further enforced by metal expanded mesh to give extra rigidity to pleats so that peats would retain their shape at higher pressure drop. Equal spacing in pleats is maintained by use of metallic spacers.

Spectra Pre-TM

Spectra Pre-TM filters are used for supply, exhaust and circulating air filtration in a Turbine application which built for high dust holding capacity, used in all industrial gas turbine and compressor application. Where subsequent final filters are placed, they protect them from coarser dust and fog, thus significantly prolonging their life and increasing their operational safety.