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A Major Manufacturer of Industrial Air Filtration Systems

Spectrum Filtration is a market leader in ‘Intake Air’ Filtration solutions since 1997. We design, manufacture and sell Intake Air filters and filtration systems for various industries and applications including Automotive, Commercial Buildings, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Gas Turbines, Fertilizer, Refineries, Micro-electronics, Data Centres, Food and Beverages among others. Spectrum Filtration uses advanced technology and materials from Filtrair b.v. Netherlands (Filtration Group) to design and manufacture high-performance filters that deliver ‘Clean Air’ and help ‘Conserve Energy’ for our customers. Our commercial and Industrial Air Filtration solutions cover both particulate and molecular contamination and provide a seamless, cost-effective solution for our customers.


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Spectra Matrix

Spectra MATRIX is a gas-phase filtration medium presented in the form of an extruded
honeycomb-shaped block, consisting of multiple cells. Each cell within the block offers
an extensive surface area, resulting in a substantial contact surface per unit volume.
Notably, the entire Grid Block comprises 100% adsorbent material. Spectra
MATRIX-ODOUR is employed to achieve exceptional removal of TVOC (Total Volatile
Organic Compounds) and common odors.

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