Housings Frames Louvres

Spectrum Filtration offers a variety of housings, frames, louvers, Air Purifiers and equipment designed for specific filtration solutions. These products are engineered to meet the high standards of quality and performance as our air filters, ensuring that clients receive a complete air filtration solution that meets their specific needs.

Housings and frames are an essential part of any air filtration system, providing the structural support and enclosure needed to protect the filter and ensure proper airflow. Spectrum Filtration offers a range of standard and custom housings and frames made from materials such as galvanized steel, aluminium, and stainless steel. We also provide housings and frames with specific finishes, coatings, or insulation, depending on your requirements.

Louvers are another key component of air filtration systems, helping to regulate airflow and prevent the ingress of unwanted particles. Spectrum Filtration offers a variety of louvers designed to meet specific airflow requirements and aesthetic preferences. We provide fixed, adjustable, or motorized louvers made from materials such as aluminium & Steel.

Finally, Spectrum Filtration also offers a range of equipment designed to support and enhance your air filtration solutions. This includes items such as filter holding frames, gaskets, and sealing compounds, as well as more specialized equipment like air purifiers and scrubbers.

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Holding Frame

Spectrum Universal Filter Holding Frames are designed for simple and cost-effective construction/remodeling of filter banks. Its unique modular design is ideal for quick and hassle-free installation at site.

Terminal Box

Spectrum terminal box comes with a HEPA filter usually installed at the end of a duct or air handling unit. Where HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters with 99.97% efficiency, which is designed to capture very small particles, including dust, pollen, and other airborne contaminants.