EN779 EN1822 ASHRAE 52.2 ISO 16890 Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Initial Pressure Drop (Pa) Air Flow (m3/hr) No of Pockets
N/A NA N/A N/A 1150 320 350 0 N/A N/A



Offices,Schools,Hospitals,Cleanrooms,Commercial Spaces

Filter Frame




Max Temperature (°C)


Recommended Final
Pressure Drop (Pa)


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AerMax 500

AerMax 500 is a high capacity commercial air purifier, with a max airflow of 850CMH equipped with Three stage filtration to provide an efficiency of 99.97% efficiency @ 0.3µm


Spectrum's BIBO filter housings is a HEPA bag-in/bag-out air filter housings designed for critical applications. These housings provide safety in applications that require high containment of potentially hazardous materials or the protection of maintenance personnel changing air filters. They are side loading filter housings designed to meet the air filtration needs of industries and research facilities that deal with dangerous, toxic, biological, or carcinogenic materials.


FFUs can be used in a variety of applications, including semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, and medical device manufacturing. They are also commonly used in hospital operating rooms, laboratories, and other environments where a high level of air cleanliness is required. Spectrum FFU comes with innovative design and highly efficient air filters and specific low sound EC motors full fills the needs of customers.

OT Plenum

Theatre plenum, is a critical component of an Operating Theatre's HVAC system. It is a large chamber that is located above the ceiling of the Operating Theatre and is designed to provide a supply of clean, filtered air to the surgical area. Spectrum OT is HEPA vertical flow celling/ Plenum module for operation theatre, which is factory made & checked for ready installation