EN779 EN1822 ASHRAE 52.2 ISO 16890 Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Initial Pressure Drop (Pa) Air Flow (m3/hr) No of Pockets
0 E10 0 0 592 287 292 150 1700 N/A
0 E10 0 0 592 592 292 150 3400 N/A
0 H13 0 0 592 592 292 250 3400 N/A
0 H14 0 0 592 592 292 250 3000 N/A



HVAC,AHU,Commercial buildings, Hospital, Pharma & Clean room

Filter Frame

HIPS & Metal


Micro glass fiber media

Max Temperature (°C)


Recommended Final
Pressure Drop (Pa)


Related Products

Reverse Dust Pocket

Progressively denser synthetic media, it comes with PU frame with galvanised steel frame. The filters are tested as per ISO 16890-16 in European laboratories. Available ISO Coarse efficiencies and Energy rated as per EUROVENT (4/5).

Pre Filter ROD Type

Spectra pre Rod filter is a primary stage pre filter used commonly in stand alone system, AHU and other HVAC applications. The pleated synthetic filter media supported by Rods give higher media area and rigid structure enables lower pressure drop and less energy consumption. The construction of the filter is rigid, lightweight and easy to handle.

Spectra Micro Vee

These are robust filters made of some layers of synthetic mesh that are non woven, sandwiched in between. The pleats are V shaped and rounded well to increase the dust arrestance of filters. Media is further enforced by metal expanded mesh to give extra rigidity to pleats so that peats would retain their shape at higher pressure drop.

Spectra Eco Pleat

Spectra Eco Pleat is specially designed to protect coarser filters with high dust arrestance. Designed with moisture resistance cardboard frame, engineered with expanded metal backed synthetic media, ECO pleat is fully incinerable.