Spectra Spin Tube Filter

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Very useful for applications where there is extremely high dust concentrations in the inlet air.

Self cleaning and do not increase in pressure drop over time.

Polypropylene offers excellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion, UV treatment guards against deterioration to exposure to sunlight.

Negligible operational cost. Does not require to be replaced.

Gas Turbines


Diesel Engines


The Spectra Spin Tube Inertial Separator is a high efficiency, low pressure drop, one-piece molded polypropylene air cleaner. Each unit contains 54 small tubes with stationary air spinners that impart a high radial velocity to the air at the inlet face. The resulting centrifugal force causes the dirt particles to move to an annular space from which they are removed by the flow of bleed air which is generally 10% of the total dirty airflow. The clean air is withdrawn through the center of the inner tubes out of the exiting air face while the dirty bleed air is exhausted out the end of the filter element through bleed ducts. Multiple elements can be used in banks with bleed air ducts connected to a common bleed air exhaust duct.

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