Spectra Roll

Available in Filter Class:
MERV 3 - 8
EN 779 2012
G2 - G4
Eurovent 4 / 5
EU 2 - EU 4
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The Spectra Auto Roll filter is suitable for areas where it is desirable to have filters that do not need to be attended for prolonged periods of time. It is ideal for textile lint and dusts, monomer and polymer dusts, general ventilation air etc. This filter is successfully used in tunnel ventilation of under ground mass transit systems.


Picture Tube

Manmade Fibre

Hazardous Chemicals

Computer Hardware Assembly

Air Separation

Polyester Film

Aerospace Assembly


Auto Roll filter units are available in a wide range of size and feature options. The filter uses an industrial grade fiberglass media which automatically renews when prompted by a pressure drop based sensor. Along with pressure drop sensing the filter also has media run out alarm. The intelligent control panel can be placed besides the filter unit or can be integrated with the centralized building control. The unit is equipped with a totally enclosed thermally protected motor.

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