Spectra Pleated Gas Phase Filter

  • Advantages
  • Applications

Improve indoor air quality through effective elimination of contaminants, odors and gases.

Combined filtration particular and molecular.

Provides the highest quality indoor air to building occupants.

Extended service life provides lower operating costs.

Green Buildings

Facilities Management

Residential buildings





Railway coaches

Underground railway stations

School and university buildings

Underground parking spaces


Spectra Gas Phase IAQ filters are a versatile, high efficiency combination filter (particle and molecular) used to effectively remove odor associated with diesel fumes, hydrocarbons, tobacco smoke, body odors, cooking and Volatile organic compounds (VOC) in public and commercial buildings. Three types of designs available, according to customer requirements: 1. Spectra Pleated Gas phase filter 2. Spectra V bank Gas phase filter 3. Spectra Dual-Pak Filter

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