Spectra Cell V Synthetic

Available in Filter Class:
MERV 9 - 15
EN 779 2012
M5 – F9
Eurovent 4 / 5
EU 5 – EU 9
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Made from high performance, 100% unbreakable synthetic fibers, thus no breaking of fibers into the air stream.

Synthetic Media Pleat Pack is extremely durable and resistant to deformation and media puncture during handling, installation and operation.

Provides full protection for the turbines key components from fouling, corrosion and erosion.

Progressively Structured Synthetic Media for depth loading of particulate provides a low pressure drop at high efficiency levels for increased gas turbine performance and output.

Low replacement and maintenance overheads due to Longer filter life.

Unaffected by variable air flow in system.

Mini-pleat 'separator-less' filter.

Economic operational cost due to long life and low pressure drop.

Pharmaceutical Plants


Medical Equipment


Operation Theaters

Food & Beverage

Research & Laboratories

Image Processing Industries


The Spectra Cell V bank filter is a 100% synthetic, thermally bonded media, impervious to degradation in environments with high moisture content and housed in a sturdy polystyrene frame. The pleats are separated with thermoplastic (hotmelt) separators. A very high ratio of media to filter face area ensures that the filter is capable to handle very high air flow volume at relatively low pressure drop.

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