PU Rigid

Available in Filter Class:
MERV 7 - 12
EN 779 2012
G4 – M6
Eurovent 4 / 5
EU 4 – EU 6
  • Advantages
  • Applications

Molded header does not corrode and can be incinerated.

Rigid design and synthetic construction allows pockets to withstand 100% humidity environments.

Designated for leak-free operation even in the most rigorous air pressure and high dust-laden environments.

High dust holding capacity and low resistance make the PU Series pocket filters an excellent prefilter.

UL 900 Class 2 conforms to US fire classifications.

Low resistance design greatly reduces operating costs.

Full adhesive saturation proprietary process prevents unloading.

Gas Turbines


Diesel Engines


Filtrair's PU Series Rigid Pockets are a premium high efficiency air filter designed for critical or harsh air handling units. Pockets are extremely durable and will perform flawlessly over a long period of time.

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