Paint Arrester – Glass

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Average paint arrestance: 93 - 97 %.

Paint holding capacity at 80 Pa and 0,7 m/s: 3500-4700 grs/m2.

Non-flammable according to DIN 4102.

Available sizes, custom made as per customer request.

Reusable frame is available.

Easy to change.

Car Plants

Two Wheelers

Trucks and LCV

After Market Booths / Body Shops


Paint arrestor designed for the retention of overspray from paint spraying extract systems in order to eliminate contamination of equipment, spoiling of painted surfaces, and most importantly protection of the environment. Continuous, monofilament glass fibres are built up to create a matrix with a progressive density, having an open structure on the air inlet face and a firm laminate backing on the air exit side. These characteristics provide a material which promotes indepth filtration without surface loading and therefore results in high dust holding capacity, with minimum resistance to airflow. The high compressive strength ensures stability and rigidity i.e. the media will not "sag" under normal operating conditions causing unfiltered air and contaminant bypass.

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