Available in Filter Class:
MERV 12 - 15
EN 779 2012
M6 – F9
Eurovent 4 / 5
EU 6 – EU 9
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The unique construction of the Optipleat makes it the ideal choice even under high air velocity, variable air flow and moisture laden air.

Offer optimised efficiency/life time relationship at lowest pressure drop.

High burst strength (> 6250 Pa), in dry and in wet condition (100% humidity).

Resistant to media puncture and handling damage.

Patented V-shaped, thermo-formed deeppleat design; features lowest pressure drop for given efficiency.

Vertical deep-pleats gives increased moisture coalescence and water drainage and ensures low turbulent flow.

Pharmaceutical Plants


Medical Equipment


Operation Theaters

Food & Beverage

Research & Laboratories

Image Processing Industries


Filtrair's Optipleat serves as a highly efficient final filter in air intake system of combustion engines. Filtrair's 'Optipleat' filters represent the latest advancement in pleated filter technology. Due to its optimized, wide-open and patented fixed pleating structure, the Optipleat pack sports a unique V-supported deep pleat with an unmatched 10 mm wide air entry pleat throat. This results in an excellent combination of pressure drop and dust holding capacity. The Optipleat Filter uses a unique blended glass synthetic fibre filter media.

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