HEPA Mini Pleat

Available in Filter Class:
MERV 16 - 20
EN 1822
E10 – H14
Eurovent 4 / 5
EU 10 - EU 14
IEST RP CC 001.3
A, B, C, D
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Scan-tested to meet or exceed IES RP-1 requirements for Type C or D filters.

Uses special grade micro glass fiber paper spaced with uniformly positioned hot melt adhesive beads to ensure optimum air flow.

Mini-pleat 'separator-less' filter.

Low initial pressure drop than conventional Deep Pleat filter.

Minipleat technology supplants conventional aluminum separators.

Thin and lightweight easy to handle units.

Available in many standard and custom made sizes.

Spectrum's HEPA filters are backed by nationwide onsite validation service.

Pharmaceutical Plants


Medical Equipment


Operation Theaters

Food & Beverage

Research & Laboratories

Image Processing Industries


Our 'hot-melt mini-pleat' filter design configuration increases its energy efficiency due to lower pressure drop in comparison to conventional deep pleat HEPA. The 'Spectra Mini-Pleat' filters are thus the lowest cost filters to operate over the filter's life. In new applications, using 'Spectra Mini-pleat' HEPA filters reduce the cost and size of the filter housing. Spectrum's mini-pleat HEPA filters offer outstanding performance and are factory scanned before they reach the customer. Individual testing under rigid quality control and modern assembly methods ensures conformance to specifications.

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