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Available in Filter Class:
MERV 5 - 12
EN 779 2012
G3 – M6
Eurovent 4 / 5
EU 3 – EU 6
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Made from high performance, 100% unbreakable synthetic fibers, thus ensuring no fibers breaking into the air stream.

Comprehensive range of standard and customized sizes available.

High dust holding capacity and low-pressure drop performance means that optimum saving in both filter life and energy costs is achieved.

Double lock stitched pocket formation.

The controlled stitched pocket design enables high dust holding and long life.

The Filtrair pocket filter media confirms to all European Union and US fire classifications like DIN 53438 - F1 and UL - 2.

Green Buildings

Facilities Management

Residential buildings





Railway coaches

Underground railway stations

School and university buildings

Underground parking spaces


The Spectrum-Filtrair FPS stitched pocket filter is a low cost pocket filter for less challenging applications. The filter incorporates Filtrair’s high performance synthetic filter media featuring progressive density and high dust holding capacity. Apart from lower cost the FPS stitched pockets can be delivered in customized sizes and meets the cleaning requirements of many HVAC customers.

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