FHT Synthetic Pad

Available in Filter Class:
EN 779 2012
Eurovent 4 / 5
EU 4
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Silicone free construction for paint booth applications.

The media is made of non-allergic synthetic fibers that are flexible and not prone to breakage unlike mineral fibers. 

Media and media binders do not contain epoxy binders that at temperatures above 140°C produce noxious formaldehyde solvents.

Available sizes custom made, as per customer request.

Car Plants

Two Wheelers

Truck & Tractors

After Market Booths / Body Shops


Filtrair high temperature synthetic fiber air filter media is constructed from temperature resistance high performance fibers bonded into a web like structure to separate coarse particles from contaminated hot air streams in industrial processes. The media is designated to separate tar, soot and rust particles out of hot air from high temperature curing ovens to prevent fouling of product surface.

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