FHT 1000 Glass Pad

Available in Filter Class:
EN 779 2012
Eurovent 4 / 5
EU 4
  • Advantages
  • Applications

Excellent for filtration of air at high temperature applications.

Silicone free construction.

High temperature resistant glass fiber filter mat is made of long fiberglass in uniformity non-woven way.

FHT 1000 filter have stable performance. No contraction, embitterment, softening, and melting at 300°C.

FHT 1000 filter have excellent fire retardance properties.

Car Plants

Two Wheelers

Truck and Tractors

After Market Booths / Body Shops


Filtrair FHT 1000 uses glass fiber media bonded together into a uniform high efficiency mat. The media pack is encased in a fine expanded metal housing for high temperature applications. The filter layer of special media on the air exit side ensures that fibers do not migrate into the air stream. The clean air side is identified by a sticker. FHT 1000 filter is designed for applications in drying oven for automotive industry. The filter is constructed from a special grade of lint free microfine glass fiber media to withstand temperature upto 300°C. It is usually put in a reusable holding frame. They are very well suited for use as oven application for surface finishing technology industries.

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