Drop Safe Pocket

Available in Filter Class:
MERV 8 - 12
EN 779 2012
G4 - M6
Eurovent 4 / 5
EU 4 - EU 6
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Unique combined coalescer and particle filter in one.

Made for extreme environments: high moisture and water mist content, high velocity, offshore, marine etc.

Patented sealed boot pocket design: coalesces water inside the pockets and drains it out upstream of filter.

Self supporting, leak-free welded pockets: stay rigid in turbulent airstreams and eliminating shedding.

Pockets integrated in injection moulded, impact: proof PU header, gives filter a burst strength of >_6000 Pa.

Unique proprietary Filtrair filter media provides maximum dust holding.

Can be disposed of by incineration.


Gas Turbines


Diesel Engines


The Filtrair Drop Safe (DS) rigid filter is a pre-filter combined with very high efficiency coalescer. For applications in air intake systems of Turbo machinery, in any environmental condition, including offshore, marine and in any climate - including tropical (high humidity). They efficiently remove airborne particulate matter along with snow, mist and fog, acting as a filter and a coalescer. A specially designed water drainage system drains out free water and air borne salt crystals.

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