Ceiling Filter (Diffusion Media)

Available in Filter Class:
MERV 9 - 12
EN 779 2012
M5 - M6
Eurovent 4 / 5
EU 5 - EU 6
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Made from high performance, 100% unbreakable synthetic fibers, preventing fibre breakage into the air stream.

The ceiling media is 100% impregnated with a special adhesive. Each fiber is impregnated.

Not dry in the center.

Will not shed dust even during severe vibration.

Progressive density construction (Graded density).

Din logo impregnated.

Available in three different varieties.

Available sizes, custom made as per customer request.

Car Plants

Two Wheelers

Trucks and LCV

After Market Booths / Body Shops


Continuous, monofilament Filtrair's diffusion media are synthetic fiber-based nonwoven filter products developed and manufactured at Filtrair's own high-tech production facility. The filter media are constructed from selected high performance fine denier fibers in a gradient density multi-layering technique to ensure high depth loading with optimal lowest pressure drop performance. These media are thermally bonded and impregnated in full depth with a special adhesive coating to prevent any release of fibers and migration of paint damaging particles larger than 5 microns due to vibrations in the system, even under varying temperature conditions.

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