Bag In Bag Out

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The Spectra BIBO is designed to meet the air filtration needs of industries and research facilities that handle dangerous or toxic biological, radiological or carcinogenic materials.

A safe means for the removal and disposal of contaminated filter elements, while maintaining isolation during the installation of clean filter elements.

All Spectra BIBO isolation housings are fabricated from grade SS 304 and are pressure tested to exceed industry standards.


Picture Tube

Manmade Fibre

Hazardous Chemicals

Computer Hardware Assembly

Air Separation

Polyester Film

Aerospace Assembly


The Spectra Bag In Bag Out side loading isolation housing is designed to ensure that the service personnel are protected from coming in direct contact with the hazardous contaminants during filter change. Designed to withstand ±500 mm wc, each HEPA filter cell is sealed against the housing frame and furnished with an individual door. A set of containment bags is shipped for use with each door. Once the initial filters are installed and the first bag attached, all filters, both dirty and new, are handled through the bag.

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