Available in Filter Class:
MERV 9 - 15
EN 779 2012
M5 – F9
Eurovent 4 / 5
EU 5 – EU 9
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Spectrum's AP Pocket Filters are a low cost solution to pre and fine filtration.

Made from 100% synthetic fibers.

Pockets are welded and not stitched at the seams.

Synthetic media is 100% resistant to humidity.

Available ex-stock in all standard sizes.

Gasket options available.

Nuclear Power Station

Nuclear Fuel Recycling Station


On Site Air Shelter


The Spectra AP Pocket synthetic welded pocket filter range has been developed keeping in mind the need of customers who prefer a low initial cost for their air filter requirement. The filter media is made in EU and meets international quality standards. The pockets are welded at the edge to ensure zero leakage. The AP pocket filter is very well suited to replace panel type filters in the HVAC industry.

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