At Spectrum,  we have teamed up with leading air intake product manufacturers to demonstrate how our technology solutions can be used for innovation in a wide range of flexible and diverse market scenarios and compounding applications. By combining our air intake systems and expertise with the latest European technology, we demonstrate high-performance solutions that provide opportunities for success across the value chain. The tie-up with Filtrair b.v. brings Europe's best and latest air filtration products and practices to your doorstep. Filtrair is a globally-present manufacturer of synthetic air filtration media and rigid pocket filters. They have been active in air filter media manufacturing since 1965 with a dominating presence in more than 65 countries. An example is the new 'ASHRAE 52.2' - 1999 test rig that has been set up in cooperation with Filtrair at our Kolkata manufacturing and test facilities.

Our collaborations with Ford India gave birth to the Total Filter Management (TFM) Program. The program is a comprehensive approach to enterprise wide filter maintenance and managing your entire filtration program. This program works interactively with the customer where we inspect and study the site, environment, potential contamination sources and provide solutions for peak performance from all filters for improved productivity, minimal maintenance costs and low inventory costs, lower storage space requirements, and reduced overall filtration replacement expenses. The program was boosted with technical collaboration with Filtrair BV (Netherlands); The TFM program is unparalleled in the industry.