Gas Phase / Chemical


Occupants of buildings where people work, play, live or recuperate are increasingly facing problem related to odor, VOC and other hazardous gases in the air we breathe. Recent studies have shown that Indoor Air Quality in commercial buildings can sometimes be 20 times inferior than outdoor air. Contrary to popular belief, air inside a building can be more hazardous than the air outside. Spectrum Filtration Pvt. Ltd. now introduces solutions to problems in the area of odor control, VOC abatement and other gaseous removal. The Spectra Gas Phase / Chemical / IAQ is available in a wide range of standard filter sizes; they can be directly installed in an existing "Universal Holding Frame" filter bank. No expensive system modification is required to install these filters. When used in conjunction with "Spectra Pre" or "Spectra Fine" particulate removal filters, they ensure economical & effective removal of particulates, odors & gases. Spectra Gas Phase / Chemical / IAQ filters are used to effectively remove odor associated with diesel fumes, hydrocarbons, tobacco smoke, body odors, cooking and Volatile organic compounds (VOC).

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